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                    Desert land, 5 to 6 inch marginal rainfall, continuous scarcity of water, limited land, war with millions of Arabs defending only thousands of soldiers, and no traditional system of agriculture; Inspite of these adversities ‘Istrael’ is now idol of world for modern agriculture technology and we should take lesson from their incredible efforts for our development.
For improvement of genetic potential of our indigenous cattle we should import semen of high pedigree bulls. Desminassion of modern techniques in farmers is the essential element of agriculture development; with the help of which we can overcome the national problem of population and unemployment.
Hon.Dr.Appasheb Pawar
                    Hon. Shri Sharad Pawar Saheb, honorable Union Agriculture Minister, Government of India in his key note address informed the importance of the Animal Husbandry and Dairy sectors and its role in the national economy, with particular reference to the economic sustenance and income generation of the rural poor. He emphasised that this sector can be taken as one of the most potential sectors for growth. The growth pattern of this sector amply proves the hidden potential, which would require fullest exploitation through long-term planning. A growth rate of 6 to 8 per cent in the animal husbandry sector would be needed to attain a growth rate in excess of 4 percent per annum in the agriculture sector as a whole.

We are inspired and implementing the system to improve the milk productivity in Baramati Taluka . This the the roadmap laid down by Hon. Sharadchandraji Pawarsaheb for the nation and we at "Baramati Taluka Sahakari Doodh Utpatak Sangh" , Baramati trying to more on the same roadmap and trying to achieve his targets  the dairy industry

Hon.Sharadchandraji Pawar Saheb X.Union Agriculture Minister,India


                    Dairy business to the monitoring carefully to avoid losses and to reap profit margins. Investments to be made on developing projects to earn assured profit and the profit to the distributed to farmers in the form of increased higher purchase prices for their milk produce so that the farmers are encouraged to develop increase milk production.

                    There are the encouraged words from Hon. Shree Ajitdada Pawar Saheb who care for the survival of the cooperative societies and member farmers. Under his valuable advice the “Baramati Doodh Sangh” is stepping forward with high vision to make his dream to fulfill. The encouragements and appreciation of Hon. Shree Ajitdada Pawar towards the steps taken in improving the quality of milk are amazing. We are inspired to follow the path of this great leader.


Hon.Ajitdada Pawar

X.Deputy Chef Minstar, Maharashtra

                    Out of her tremendous busy schedule for her political , social and family commitments , Hon. Mrs.supriyatai Suleji  never forget to educate and mentor us on the  importance of the involvement of the women in the dairy industry. She says that the employment of women is an index of their economic and social status in society. In India, women constitute 90 % of marginal workers, with some regional variations. 
                    Dairying at the household level is largely the domain of women.The products and income from dairying can be controlled by women.Dairying can be practiced on a small scale.The prevailing dairy scenario presents many dilemmas. The first one is that modern dairying is geared to maximum production as opposed to traditional subsistence dairying.The second is that an expanding national herd of milch and other animals is dependent on diminishing and degrading common property resources for grazing and crop residues and other biomass. The third is traditional dairying is largely dominated by men. All these have to be resolved within the framework of sustainable development. We are always motivated by her to strive and struggle for the progress of the Women through the dairying in "Baramati Taluka Sahakari Doodh Utpadak Sangh",Baramati. As the resultant of this , we are supporting around 37 "Mahila Doodh Utpadak Union"s in taluka who are producing around 40000 LPD milk .

Hon.Mrs.Supriyatai Sule

Member of Parliament,India