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                        Objective of Dairy Farming


  • Bring the farmers under one umbrella for the cause of Co-operative moment to maintain the socio- economic unity.
  • To educate  and motivate the farmers for Dairy Farming.
  • Earn the profit for the upliftment of the member farmers and to pay best prices & remunerative input services to our milk producers.
  •  Getting involved in the allied business to become the self supporting.
  • To plan, monitor, supervise & implement the different dairy development programmers.
  • Facilitate the resource for enhancement of milk productivity.
  • Collection and marketing of milk and milk product.
  • The guiding objective for good dairy farming practice is that milk should be produced on-farm from healthy animals under generally accepted conditions.
  • To improve animal health.
  • To improve milking hygiene.
  • To improve animal feeding and water.
  • To do animal welfare; and environment protection.
  • To achieve sustained growth.
  • Understanding customer needs and protecting their interest to build life long relationship and brand loyalty.
  • Development of indigenous products, constant research, innovative planning and processes adoptive technologies and optimal resource utilization.
  • Stay at the forefront of technology and management through scientific innovations and creative management approaches.